I have to admit I got a little emotional when Alex first contacted me and asked if we are available to take photos of his wedding with Sarah. This is because I know Alex since our childhood in Piatra-Neamt, and since we were neighbors and young (even if we are not exactly of the same age), you can easily imagine that we have our share of nice and fun memories and, of course, some common and unforgettable friends. I can tell now that these emotions were only the tip of the iceberg and I didn’t expect to have such an amazing and intense experience, although Sarah and Alex gave us plenty of details about their wedding day and the planning was very careful.

Sarah & Alex wedding was a destination wedding: they live in United States, the wedding was organised in a truly stunning location in Tuscany (Italy) while the guests were coming from all around the world. It was amazing for us to witness how many friends and family members traveled thousands of miles just to be there for them and this detail solely could have made us an ideea the way Alex and Sara nurture the relationship with their loved ones. But it wasn’t only this for our eye and soul to observe; in fact, we could find it in almost every detail: the presents they prepared for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and their parents, the way they shared their time to chat and take photos with everyone and doing their best to make them feel comfortable during their stay or the importance they gave to the guest speeches during reception.

We got the chance to meet and get to know most of the wedding party one day ahead, when we toured along with them the heart of famous and crowded city of Florence, trying to get a glimpse of his romantic aura while taking pictures of Sarah & Alex. Although it was a little difficult for us to remember so many different names, we were more than happy to see so many happy faces and so much positive energy being brought together. Late in the afternoon, while all the others were expecting us to leave for the rehearsal dinner, we learned their love story: about the way they first met at Cinque Terre, the story of their first date at Ponte Vecchio or about the interesting coincidence of the wooden letters sold by a street vendor. One hour later we were all sitting at the tables of the restaurant where Alex first invited Sarah for dinner a couple of years ago, eating great Italian food and watching sunset over Florence while listening to emotional speeches. It was the perfect end of the day and I felt like S & A were living a fairytale and generously invited all of us to be a part of it.

The next day started with a good mood and while girls were getting their make-up and hair done, guys were having their fun moments diving in the pool before getting ready.

There were some moments during the day where we didn’t let down the cameras even for one second, and kept taking pictures one after another after another and this was because these moments were so intense and emotional that they deserved to be captured from every possible perspective and we also didn’t want to let anyone see the teardrops coming out of our eyes.

It must be a bless for Sarah to have two sisters like Rachel and Amber; their link is unbreakable and I’m sure that despite the distance between them, they’ll keep as close one to another as they did until now.

The ceremony, held in the large garden of the Agriturismo Colleoli , surrounded by the splendid landscape of Tuscany hills was emotional positive and also unique (at least for us) since there was no officiant involved, which is something I absolutely loved it! Their message, as I understood it, was simply and still strong: “There is one God for everybody, and the most important thing this day is celebrating love, our love and the good things that happened to us and the ones awaiting us on the path of life”.

The party was preceded by the guests speeches and is the part where the things became intense (one more time), culminating with Sarah’s father and Alex’s father emotional speeches. It as only about having fun after this and we ended the day late after midnight.

I have already written a lot, this post being way longer than usual ones, and I would’ve written more because this wedding was magic for us, but I prefer to let you enjoy the pictures and the slideshow you will find below.

For Sarah and Alex, we cannot thank you enough for trusting us and offering us the chance to be a part of this wonderful moments.

God bless you, Sarah & Alex!