Photography has always had a central role in my life. I was not aware then when my dad transformed one of the bathrooms into a dark room to develop the photos taken with the old Russian camera we had. I loved the smell of the chemicals but I was fascinated by how, from a simple piece of paper, can emerge images with my loved ones. Now we don’t use films anymore as the technology has evolved and I guess we are still – pretty much all of us – magically drawn to photography if we consider the millions of photos taken every day with our smartphones. Unfortunately what I think we have lost along the way is the importance of photography in our lives. On a daily basis we can take hundreds of photos so it seems it can go on forever. But how often do we return to view those photos? How often do we print them? How often do we show them to other people that truly matter to us? (I am not referring to the thousands of Insta followers or Facebook friendsJ).

We as photographers are truly blessed to be able not just to document each day but to show emotions, especially when it comes to once in a lifetime events, such as weddings. This July we have been the witnesses behind the cameras for Caro & Mihai that said “I do” on the marvelous Manasia estate. The whole event was carefully planned by dear Victorita who made sure everything was perfect. We had a few nice surprises – and as a wedding photographer you rarely get surprised J – as the tossing of the bouquet after the ceremony (in Romania it usually is after the cake cutting) and the candy bar that was in place after the cake at midnight (the custom being to have it at the beginning when the guests arrive). It was such fun and joyful event, with lots of good vibes!

Dear Caro & Mihai may you have a wonderful life together and proudly show these photos to your children and grandchildren!

All the best from us,

Oana & Codrin